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However, the concept has been moulded and evolved over the centuries by those in power.

However, the concept has been moulded and evolved over the centuries by those in power.

Caste system has had a strong hold in India and continues to do so.

Today, this system has become the basis of reservation in education and jobs.

They stand at the top of the hierarchy and it is believed that they came from Brahma’s head.

Next in line are the Kshatriyas who are the rulers and warriors. Merchants, traders and farmers come under the Vaishya category and are said to have come from His thighs and the labour class forms a part of the fourth category that is the Shudras – these are said to have come from Brahma’s feet. These main categories are further divided into as many as 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes, based on their occupation.

The concept has undergone certain changes over the centuries and is not as stringent as it was in the earlier times.

However, it still impacts the religious, social and political lives of the people in the country.

Here are some simple yet informative essays of varying word lengths on the caste system in India to help you perform better in your class.

Caste system in India has been prevalent since the ancient times.

However, it still has a strong hold on the social and political system of the country.

A number of social evils have been prevalent in the Indian society since centuries and caste system is one of them.


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