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The third principle of TQM is that what companies should embark on is a cure as opposed to treating the symptoms.Finding short term solutions for an existing problem makes it difficult for the full potential to be reached.Customer orientation and quality are not just a matter of ensuring that the contents of the product or services satisfies the customer needs.

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Each employee should leave the customers satisfied and happy (Kurtus 4).

Moreover, there should be mechanisms of measuring quality in companies.

In addition, it is easy to set future goals and push all the departments to work towards achieving the desired goals.

Apart from the results of TQM being quantifiable, improvements in quality should be a continuous process.

If quality is made the global driving force, then customers will obtain the best value possible and use the product.

The concern about quality will optimise the value for customers.

Morup (1992) notes that “quality is the most important and effective factor a company can use in the battle for customers.” To be competitive, we must satisfy the customers.

In order to be more competitive, we must delight the customers.

For instance, a falling shipping department may be an indication of manufacturing holdups.

The best way of solving the problem is to find the root cause and address it.


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