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I believe healthy nutrition is the most important factor for maintaining and keeping good health.

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It is also imperative to drinl an adequate amount that corresponds with the daily guidelines of eight glasses a day which is equivalent to a one two-liter soda per day.

In order for myself to attain this status of eating healthy I kept a food log for a month that has the entries of what I ate each day.

Instead more water, more fruits and vegetables, and increased physical activity and more sleep.

I know it's going to be hard to make these sudden adjustments but I'm going to do it gradually until I get comfortable and use to it.

Now this is not good if kids don’t know how many calories they’re eating, which could lead to obesity.

But when they showed the kids the new nutrition fact label and asked a similar question, about 55% said they would probably notice it and actually think about buying something if it has a lot of calories.But when the whole project was done it didn't look like I was a healthy eater.I was drinking too much soda with excessive sodium intake and I didn't eat a lot of fruits or vegetables and I was drinking more soda than water.Nutrition Nutrition is the process in which an organism obtains there materials from the environment.Nutrition has to do with the human digestive system because in order for you to get nutrition you have to be able to digest it, to get it across the cell membrane to distributed threw out your body. I believe that the importance of nutrition is nothing new but good nutrition is more important than ever. I need to reduce my weight and to accomplish this goal I will implement a balanced, nutritional meal plan. Hopefully, the nutritional supplements can help reduce his body deficiencies.I'm trying to make permanent adjustments in my diet to make my body healthier.No more soda, no more donuts for breakfast, and no more sweets.In this food log it helped me keep track of how many fat grams I was eating and if I was eating balanced.I also listed how much sleep I was getting each day, what my mood was, and how many minutes I exercised each day.Having a good balance of nutrition helps your body so much and in so many ways.Eating healthy helps you stay fit and be in good health, and it is so important to know this because this information will help you live longer and healthier lives.


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