Essay Of All That Glitters Is Not Gold

But very often even the wise fall prey to trick¬sters.Even Sita, the consort of Lord Rama, was tempted by the glitter of the golden deer she saw bounding around her forest cottage and requested Rama to bring it for her.Their conduct has administered a grievous blow to the belief of common man in saffron-clad sadhus.

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The adage “All that glitters is not gold” cautions us against forming our opinion about objects on the basis of superficial impressions.

It also implies that one should try to ascertain the true nature of things and to understand the reality hidden behind their glittering facade.

There are other metals which are equally shining and bright. Similarly, there are many things in the world which are not what they seem. There are many persons who seem to be good persons but they do many evil things. A man, who says that he is our best friend, may stab us in the back.

A man with a smile on his face may do some harm to us.

Sita’s temptation demonstrates the validity of the old saying “All that glitters is not gold”.

False simplicity can be as deceptive as false glamour.Rama earnestly expostulated Sita to forget the deer as it might be a trap of some villain, but she was so charmed by the guiles of the deer that she pressed him to leave the Ashram in search of it.A few minutes later, Sita heard a distress call for help in Rama’s voice.They have turned out to be hoax and cheats who have amassed wealth and cornered immovable property from the unsuspecting and credulous men.Some god men have been hauled up in courts of law for forging documents to discredit some genuine and reputed persons.Even a low income individual wants to obtain consumer goods incessantly advertised in electronic and print media.As he cannot afford to buy the prestigious brands of cosmetics and electronic goods, he is easily tricked in to buy fake and imitation goods which flood the markets in most towns and cities of India.We are repeatedly warned and alerted by the wise and the experienced not to take persons and things on their face value.The most innocent masks may hide be¬hind them the most cunning of cheats.The cheap imitation goods sell briskly duping the credulous consumers and swelling the coffers of the unsrupulous manufacturers and traders.Spread of education and knowledge has improved the consumer’s awareness and he is insistently demanding quality goods.


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