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The Essay on Man was originally conceived as part of a longer philosophical poem (see Pope's introductory statement on the Design).

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The first collected edition was published in April 1734.

The poem was originally published anonymously, Pope not admitting its authorship until its appearance in The Works, II (April 1735).

The pride of aiming at more knowledge, and pretending to more perfection, the cause of man's error and misery.

The impiety of putting himself in the place of God, and judging of the fitness or unfitness, perfection or imperfection, justice or injustice of his dispensations. The unreasonableness of his complaints against Providence, while on the one hand he demands the perfections of the angels, and on the other the bodily qualifications of the brutes; though, to possess any of the sensitive faculties in a higher degree, would render him miserable. That throughout the whole visible world, an universal order and gradation in the sentual and mental faculties is observed, which causes a subordination of creature to creature, and all creatures to man.

Death is part of creation of God and should be cherish.

Although Pope worked on this poem from 1729 and had finished the first three epistles by 1731, they did not appear until between February and May 1733, and the fourth epistle was published in January 1734.

The gradation of sense, instinct, thought, reflection, reason: that reason alone countervails all other faculties. How much further this order and subordination of living creatures may extend, above and below us; were any part of which broken, not that part only, but the whole connected creation must be destroyed.

Alexander Pope's Essay on Man - Man is Never Satisfied Alexander Pope's Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written, characteristically in heroic couplet.

Man has sun and forest around him, which he takes advantage of for food shelter and nurturing but on the other hand he blames the nature for destruction and other cause.

“From burning Sun where livid deaths descend” (Pope 142).


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