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Frequently, polling booths are set in church basements or in upstairs meeting halls where there is no ramp or elevator, or disabled parking.

Frequently, polling booths are set in church basements or in upstairs meeting halls where there is no ramp or elevator, or disabled parking.

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Universal design -- the practice of designing products, buildings and public spaces and programs to be usable by the greatest number of people -- has helped create a society where curb cuts, ramps, lifts on buses, and other access designs are increasingly common.

In the process, we have discovered that an accessible society is good for everyone, not just people with disabilities.

"Letting every employee have an identical opportunity to use a restroom located up a flight of stairs may be "identical" treatment but it is hardly equal treatment for a worker who uses a wheelchair. Any person who's discriminated against by an employer because of a real disability -- or because the employer regards the person as being disabled, whether they are or not -- should be entitled to the law's protection.

The focus of the Act was -- and should be -- on eliminating employers' practices that make people unnecessarily different." Progress at 10 years Ten years after the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Ac in 1990, this landmark federal law has proved a remarkable success, defying the gloom and doom predictions of many members of Congress that the law, designed to open up American society to its 54 million citizens with disabilities, would bankrupt the economy.

In 1990, 70 percent of people with disabilities were unemployed, and the figure remains the same today.

Part of the problem, they say, is the adverse court rulings.

People With Disabilities Disenfranchised Another significant problem that hasn't disappeared in the decade since ADA was enacted is access to the voting booth.

One study shows that the voting rate among people with disabilities is 20 percentage points less than non?

The ADA has created a more inclusive climate where companies, institutions, and organizations are reaching out far more often to people with disabilities.

Colleges and universities, for example, now accommodate more people with disabilities than they did before ADA, even though they have been obligated by law for nearly 25 years to make their campus and classrooms accessible."Flood of Lawsuits" Never Materialized When the ADA was before Congress, some members predicted a flood of lawsuits that would bankrupt or at least overburden business.


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