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However, applicants also select their future employer, making decisions as to how much further they wish to pursue their original employment enquiry (Torrington, Hall, Taylor & Atkinson, 2014).

The successful conclusion of both processes is the creation of a legally binding agreement between the employer and the employee, setting out the rights, obligations and expectations of both parties (Armstrong, 2006).

Developing a detailed understanding of what is driving the requirement for recruitment action will inform subsequent selection decisions (Taylor, 2014).

This analysis of the requirement should consider what ‘types’ of people are needed, when are they needed and how many are needed?

Recruitment methodologies must be fair and comply with the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks and activities must contribute to corporate goals, reflect organisational brand and values whilst also being efficient and cost effective (Foot & Hook, 2008).

Any recruitment process must begin with an analysis of the requirement.This role profile supports the development of the more in-depth job description which considers the core and functional competences needed, the behaviours and standards expected and the qualifications, skills and experience necessary for the role.Behaviours and standards should be linked to corporate values to attract candidates likely to fit the corporate culture.The role should be reduced to its basic components such as the nature of the activities, task responsibilities, the knowledge, skills and competences required to carry it out effectively and where it fits within the organisation (e.g.level/grade and reporting responsibilities) (Currie, 2006). The requirement can be placed in the wider organisational context, considering how corporate actions such as organisational changes are likely to shape business needs.Before any advertising or potential candidate engagement takes place, it is also necessary to consider internal recruitment action and employer branding Considering internal candidates shows how a company values people, motivating staff through a focus on ‘careers’ rather than just ‘jobs’ (Bratton & Gold, 2007).Also, internal recruitment is usually a more cost-effective process (Oxford Economics, 2014).Job descriptions should also discuss output expectations and what candidates are likely to receive in return (i.e. Only in taking such steps will businesses be able to attract candidates with the right mix of skills and potential (Torrington et al, 2014).If a decision has been made to recruit, then it is necessary to understand what the job consists of, how it is to be different from that done by any previous incumbent, what role aspects identify the type of candidate required and the key things that the ideal candidate would wish to know before deciding to apply (Torrington et al, 2014).To do so requires a level of analysis which could be carried out by: (Searle, 2004) From the analysis conducted, a role profile can be created.This should be outputs focussed and the aim should be to apply active verbs (e.g.


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