Essay On My Pet

9) When he was young, Apache survived only on milk and few supplements.

10) The favorite dish of my pet cat Apache is fried fish which he likes very much over anything else.

I have a very sweet cat and below are the ten points about her which can better describe her.

These 10 lines on my pet cat are written in very easy and simple language.

3) Cats are very smart so is our Daisy and she never forgets whatever you teach her.

Essay On My Pet

4) The most peculiar thing about Daisy is that she uses our bathroom.9) Daisy is very quiet and decent and only meows when she wants food.10) Daisy sleeps near my bed in a cozy basket made especially for her.The sense of smell in cats is very strong and they can sense anything from a far distance also.These unique qualities have made cats as one of the most domesticated animal in the world.5) My pet cat Apache is very friendly and extremely inquisitive and always peeks around here and there.6) When Apache was around a year old, he was chased by a street dog and ran to save his life.1) My pet cat is a 2 years old male and has name is ‘Apache’.2) Apache is very playful and inquisitive since we brought him into the house two years back.4) Mini is very intelligent and uses litter box for her natural calls and doesn’t make the house dirty.5) Sitting on the window side and watching the outside surroundings is the favorite activity of Mini.


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