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From the time I was 10, strangers wanted me to discuss my adoptive parents’ fertility, the cost of my adoption, the imagined poverty, sexual habits, and mortality of my birth mother, my genetic relationship to my sister, my wise advice to potential adopters, and my gratitude to parents and idle bystanders for my welcome in this country.

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What he meant to do with it, and whether he were mad?

–Emily Brontë, In 19th-century Yorkshire, while many literary orphans’ troubles inspired them to better themselves, Heathcliff’s did the opposite. He was not interested in effecting anybody’s salvation. The variety of real orphans’ lives exceeds even Dickens’s output.

It’s a Cinderella story, which is to say, an orphan story, made more vivid by the specific, grim details of turn-of-the-century adoption practices: Montgomery mentions the shipping of “Home boys” from the U. to Canada, and the Cuthberts originally intend to adopt a boy for free child labor on their farm.

Charles Dickens, Horatio Alger, and Louisa May Alcott made the device of the heart-tugging orphan a cliché in its own time, long before Daniel Handler parodied it in They also employed literary orphanhood because it works.

It’s the hard-knock life, the silence of the lambs.

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To be an orphan has meant many things in different legal, familial, and linguistic contexts, even before Dickens turned it up to eleven with Oliver, David Copperfield, the Artful Dodger’s gang, and everybody at Bleak House.It’s the threat of abandonment on the proverbial doorstep, or at Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame.There is no greater threat for naughty children than the orphanage, the ironically named Home, the workhouse.You’re bringing a strange child into your house and home and you don’t know a single thing about him nor what his disposition is like nor what sort of parents he had nor how he’s likely to turn out.Why, it was only last week I read in the paper how a man and his wife up west of the Island took a boy out of an orphan asylum and he set fire to the house at night—set it ON PURPOSE, Marilla—and nearly burnt them to a crisp in their beds.It’s instantly, insistently dramatic, a shortcut to narrative tension.It’s the tragedy of the ancient Greek baby exposed on Mount Cithaeron: Will he or won’t he have a bittersweet reunion with his birth parents?This expectation is embedded in institutional rhetoric and policy.We’re expected to diversify communities, once we’ve assimilated; to educate others about cultures from which we’ve been sundered; to provide uncritical love, respect, and endorsement, not just to our adoptive families, but also to our adoptive nations, absolving them of wars, injustice, and inequality. At the age of seven, I knew an awful lot about Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, China, and the Philippines so that I could correct adult strangers about conflicts from which they assumed I’d been salvaged.Those literary orphans who aren’t totally crushed by their own predicaments may find themselves freed of any limitation whatsoever. Orphans discover that they’re the scion of a wizardly family, Kal-El of Krypton, the last of the Jedi, or the mother of the Kwisatz Haderach.They seize their birthrights by the hilt to become Arthur, the Once and Future King. ” “Of my final re-transformation from India-rubber back to flesh?


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