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In Georgia, Moldova, the new Russian Federation, and in relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the doctrine of territorial integrity was undermined by intense armed conflict.These conflicts, framed in the rhetoric of self-determination, and the prospect (and subsequently the reality) of the dissolution of Yugoslavia added to the perceived threat to the principle of territorial integrity.

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Ph D candidate at the Universities of Antwerp and Graz.

Belgian Constitutional Court, 90/94, 22 December 1994 (paras B-4 to B-4.24).

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Outside of the colonial context, any self-determination discourse was viewed with great suspicion by governments, seeing it as a first step onto that slippery slope that inevitably leads towards irredentist or secessionist claims.

Thus, autonomy was widely regarded as a somewhat dangerous concept that a state would only employ at its own peril.It is equally based on accepting that to endow an ethnic group with legislative, executive, and judicial powers to address these concerns effectively will contribute to individual, group, and state security, and thus to preventing the disruption of the territorial and/or social integrity of a given country.In practice, autonomy arrangements incorporate executive, legislative, and judicial powers to varying degrees.Report Chabert, parliamentary documents of the Chamber BZ1968, 10-nr. The Vice-President of the French Council of State expects the ECt HR to provide clear, consistent and well-reasoned case law positions. Before that, the right to run for office was restricted to the sole candidates who declared their identity jointly with the population census. ’, , the Court put some weight on the opinion of the Venice Commission, which had found that Bosnia’s ethnic system did not produce integration but ethnic entrenchment.In its proportionality analysis, the Italian Court found that the ad hoc declaration served the same purpose while being less burdensome for the applicant. ‘Amicus Curiae Brief in the Cases of Ph D candidate at the Universities of Antwerp and Graz.Autonomy is the legally entrenched power of communities to exercise public policy functions of a legislative, executive and/or judicial type independently of other sources of authority in the state, but subject to the overall legal order of the state.Autonomy as a strategy of preventing and settling self-determination conflicts is based on the recognition of group-specific concerns alongside and on par with concerns of individuals (independent of their ethnic identity) and the state.However, a Ladin speaker can only take the position allocated by statute to a German or Italian speaker subject to the agreement of a majority of assembly members from the respective language groups. According to Article 99 of the Constitution, the Council of Minsters has an equal number of French- and Dutch-speaking ministers. Hugues Dumont and Sébastien van Drooghenbroek argued that the Brussels parliament election law would not stand up to the proportionality test of the Strasbourg Court, in ‘L’interdiction Des Sours-Nationalités À Bruxelles’, A. ’ Strasbourg, 30 January 2015 (ECt HR seminar), Legislative decree modifying the Decree of the President of the Republic of 26 July 1976, n.Articles 48 and 50, Statute of Autonomy for the Region Trentino-South Tyrol (as modified by constitutional law of the Italian Republic of 31 January 2001, nr .2)., the ECJ declined to answer whether EU law trumped fundamental principles of the constitutional system of the concerned member state, in this case minority protection, because such question was not material to the case at hand. Linguistic affiliation is determined by the language group one represents in parliament. Zilic, ‘The Dayton Agreement: Challenges of Change’, presented at the international conference on Interethnic Relations in the Western Balkans. The Dayton Agreement is legally valid but has limited democratic legitimacy. 752, on the declaration of belonging or affiliation to a linguistic group in the Province of Bozen/Bolzano; n. For instance, the Italian Supreme Court accepted that a candidate could declare his linguistic identity at the time when running for office. Dicosola, ‘The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina declares the system of ethnic federalism of the Entities inconsistent with the principle of non-discrimination: much ado about nothing?The various forms of territorial self-governance—from autonomous districts to Union Republics—were notional and devoid of any real, substantive powers of self-governance.Autonomy was also not given a great deal of consideration because the concept was, rightly or wrongly, associated with self-determination struggles.


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