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Pakistan Railways have been running losses since mid-seventies.

Pakistan Railways have been running losses since mid-seventies.This persistent failure owes to absence of a clear direction for the organization, a pessimistic organizational ethos resulting from years of decline and political interference in decision making to the detriment Of this 6,880 route kilometres (4,280 mi) were Broad gauge, 506 kilometres (314 mi) were Metre gauge, and 736 kilometres (457 mi) were Narrow gauge.

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The research is mainly made by collecting data from Peshawar & Nowshera railway stations and conclusions are drawn on the basis of that data.

To undertake the task we went through the existing literature on Pakistan Railways and reviewed the current state of affairs through available data.

Maybe if Iqbal would have spoken up, or Hakum Chand would have put up a fight against his personal philosophy, the fate of the Muslims of Mano Majra would have been a little better of, and they would continue to leave in peace.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The current study remains limited in its scope as it looks at the problems faced by Pakistan Railways and there solutions not at the organization as a whole.

His intentions were never laced with malice, but rather complacency.

He encouraged Muslims to submit to the commands of the police.

Hakum Chand was one of the characters of the book responsible for the expulsion of Muslims.

He didn’t actively involve himself in an expulsion of Muslims; he wanted to remove them to keep the peace.

Title In the book Train to Pakistan, author Khushwant Singh recalls the brutal and unfortunate times when Muslims were being forced out of Mano Majra.

They, along with the Hindu and Sikh population, were living in relative peace. There were several key individuals that shared the total responsibility of the expulsion of Muslims from Mano Majra; Even though some had purer motives than others, they all took stock in the unfortunate process.


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