Essay On Short Term Memory Loss

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Amnesia Amnesia, the partial or complete loss of memory, most commonly is temporary and for only a short span of experience.

This type of memory is related to ‘how to’ knowledge.

We do not need to think how to ride a bike or make our bed. Short-term memory is a subordinate kind of memory that helps us cope with numerous slight and temporary challenges.

It controls our motor functions, work of our organs and of course memory.

We remember things due to the hard work of our brains.

Unfortunately, our memory is very vulnerable and unstable. If you do not learn poems or a few paragraphs of any works of literature every day, the capacity of your memory reduces. When we become older, we can ‘record’ less information into our short-term memory.

No wonder, our grandparents have to write down telephone number and make ‘to do lists’.

Very soon, you forget the poem and the section is occupied by another doze of information.

There are such sectors of our brain that ‘remember’ essential information that is vital for our life. For instance, if you want to recall the person who was at the party, you think about her clothes or behavior.


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