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It is a huge opportunity that will go a very long way in defining my career as this is a very major sporting event and I decide to take it up.

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The major reason for my interest in this opportunity is because first and foremost gymnastics is a very rare sport and apart from a need to learn more about the sport and be able to attend to any casualty that may occur during the tournament; I would also love to have make sure that the participants in this event have assured healthcare provision during the whole event.

Secondly; this is my chance to display my skill, ability and prowess and this opportunity has presented itself and the reason why I have been selected is because they believe that I am able and suitable for the job and thus I will not let it pass.

There have been occasional casualties reported over the year, with the most serious being in the year 2009 when of the lady participants lost balance during her acrobatic performance and fell on the ground and broke her ankle.

Apart from this major injury; the rest have just been minor such as a twisted ankle, an injured arm, a bruise and a cut here and there.

All the other sub bodies that govern gymnastic practices in various countries are governed by the FIG.

The competition for which I have been selected for involves rhythmic gymnastic that is to take place on the 18th of December 2011 and it is called the Annual Illinois Gymnastic Challenge.These are very minor casualties that have always been treated and there has never been a need to rush any participant to the hospital.Most of the schools that have their teams participating in this competition have very professional coaches who have trained in rhythmic gymnastics over the years and they have trained their team members very well on the safety measures that should be taken before and after the vent.It is divided into both the men’s categories that involve activities such as floor exercise, sill rings, vault, parallel bars, high bar, pommel horse and the vault and the women’s categories involve competition in vault, balance beam and uneven bars although women have been known to adequately compete in all the men’s categories in countries such as Russia early in the 1950’s.Another type of gymnastic is the rhythmic gymnastic which is mainly for women and does involve a combination of various elements such as ballet, dance, gymnastics and even apparatus manipulation.The schools that have their teams participating in the tournament have ensured that they have renewed their health cover insurance with the various hospitals for each and every participant. The reason why I chose four men is because I will definitely need the muscle power incase of any emergency.This basically means that in case of a very major casualty that we really don’t anticipate does happen, all the cost at the hospital will be covered by the insurance parties in business with the school. I think all of them will be on call because I will really need them.The number of ladies that participate in this sport each year is about fifty.Different age groups from five years normally compete in various gymnastic events at different times of the year.The performers are usually allowed the use of five apparatus of their choice and these apparatus may constitute a ball, hoop, clubs, rope and even the floor.It is currently not available for women but plans are underway to ensure that even men will have their own form of artistic gymnastics.


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