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Peter survived, however, and would later join the main Crusader army.

Another army of Bohemians and Saxons did not make it past Hungary before splitting up.

The first crusade was started by Pope Urban II in the year 1095 with goals of liberating the sacred city of Jerusalem and the holy land from the Muslims.

What started as an appeal by Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos for western mercenaries to fight the Seljuk Turks in Anatolia quickly turned into a wholesale Western migration and conquest of territory outside of Europe.

In July of 1099 Knights from western Europe captured the city of Jerusalem, thus establishing the kingdom of Jerusalem and other crusader states.

Although the gain of Jerusalem lasted less than two-hundred years.The First Crusade ignited a long tradition of organized violence against Jews in European culture.While anti-Semitism had existed in Europe for centuries, the First Crusade marks the first mass organized violence against Jewish communities.Not only were they what started the beginning of modernization, they also had many impacts on Europe.The four major areas of impact on Europe were in the Economic, Political, Social, and Religious parts.Their purpose was to recover the city of Jerusalem that had been taken over by the Muslims.“The word Crusader referred to anyone belonging to a large volunteer force against Muslims, as indicated by a cross on Crusaders’ clothing.” (Voyages in World History, pg....Though all the areas were impacted, not all were good impacts.One of the areas that will be focused on is the Economic area. Commerce is the activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.After crossing into Asia Minor, the Crusaders began to quarrel and the armies broke up into two separate camps.The Turks were experienced, savvy, and had local knowledge, most of the People's Crusade —a bunch of amateur warriors and unarmed women — were massacred upon entering Seljuk territory.


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