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All but 18 have answered, "Yes." The evidence from the research is overwhelming.

According to the AAP, "Extensive research evidence indicates that media violence can contribute to aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares, and fear of being harmed." [14] Watching violent shows is also linked with having less empathy toward others [14a]. Yes, TV is a public health issue in several different ways.

Violent images on television, as well as in the movies, have inspired people to set spouses on fire in their beds, lie down in the middle of highways, extort money by placing bombs in airplanes, rape, steal, murder, and commit numerous other shootings and assaults.

Over 1,000 case studies have proven that media violence can have negative affects on children as well.

However, the reverse can also be true: Kids are likely to learn things from TV that parents don't want them to learn.

TV can affect kids' health, behavior and family life in negative ways.It increases aggressiveness and anti-social behavior, makes them less sensitive to violence and to victims of violence, and it increases their appetite for more violence in entertainment and in real life.Media violence is especially damaging to young children, age eight and less than one, because they cannot tell the difference between real life and fantasy.We, as a whole, have glorified this violence so much that movies such as "Natural Born Killers" and television shows such as "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" are viewed as normal, everyday entertainment.It's even rare now to find a children's cartoon that does not show some type of violence or comedic aggression.Reading requires much more thinking than television, and we know that reading fosters young people's healthy brain development.Kids from families that have the TV on a lot spend less time reading and being read to, and are less likely to be able to read [13]. Literally thousands of studies since the 1950s have asked whether there is a link between exposure to media violence and violent behavior.First of all, kids get lots of information about health from TV, much of it from ads.Ads do not generally give true or balanced information about healthy lifestyles and food choices.It's worthwhile for parents to think about what role they want TV to play in their family.Consider: Does TV affect children's brain development?


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