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The importance of the company of students that one interacts with during his/her studies is hugely underrated.

There has been an argument that online education creates a monolog instead of dialogue form of learning.

This is a vital concern because the importance of direct interaction between a student and tutor cannot be overlooked.

This is a platform that can help to bridge the gap between a student and the tutor ensuring that monitoring and consultations can be conducted easily.

With such a tool and if well conducted, online education is undoubtedly very beneficial.

These are serious concerns that you need to take into consideration before you decide to study for your diploma or degree online.

Here are 5 disadvantages of online education: In the traditional form of education, there's usually a set of guidelines and rules that all students are bound to follow.To solve this problem, they end up giving more tasks and assignment to their students.In most cases, these tasks are so many surpassing the workload typical in traditional education.Cases of individuals having graduated from online schools only to realize that they are not accredited are not rare.There are lots of scams online which pretend to be offering courses, yet they are not licensed.When you are learning from a teacher in front of you, they can monitor your body language to ensure you remain focused; they can tell when something is distracting you, when you haven't grasped a topic or when you are not interested in a particular subject.None of this is possible when you are learning online.This is why even in job interviews they scrutinize online degrees and the institutions where they come from more strictly before you are considered for a position.To save yourself from this kind of problem you have to conduct a thorough research to determine whether the institution is accredited before you further commit yourself.If you cannot manage your time well to balance your life priorities and study times, then you are bound to fail.It is, therefore, up to you to ensure that you are disciplined enough not to procrastinate or lag behind as you could easily find yourself dropping out.


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