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Although it's grunt work, the workload is generally spread out based on when the tests are, leaving lots of time in between for academics and extracurricular interests.

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How to Land the Job: A good way to start is by checking in with some of your professors from freshman year to ask about opportunities.

If you're a senior, junior or even a sophomore, chances are you know your campus pretty well.

Or, if you performed particularly well in a class, ask the professor about tutoring opportunities within his or her classes.

Can't find the opportunity to tutor in an academic area in which you're particularly strong?

It's a pretty easy job, but one with lots of downtime - which means you'll have plenty of time to catch up on reading, do homework or study for an exam.

If there are no openings as a monitor, consider other positions at the library, too - like working at the print center or checking out books.Freshman seminar classes (like Statistics 101, for example) can have as many as 500 students enrolled.That's a lot of tests to grade, so professors often employ students within the department to grade tests.Why not take advantage of that knowledge and work for your college's admissions department?Admissions relies on outgoing, friendly students to give group and personal tours, and talk to potential students about all that the college has to offer.There are tons of on-campus part-time job opportunities and, as a student, you’ll automatically be given hiring priority.Plus, on-campus jobs eliminate commuting time and can be a great way to connect with academic and professional resources at your university.If you're worried you won't have enough time to devote to academics, consider working as a study hall or library monitor.Responsibilities generally include the supervision of study spaces to ensure a quiet atmosphere.Also, colleges with strong athletic programs usually recruit tutors to work with athletes.How to Land the Job: If you're especially strong in subjects where tutors are sought out the most (like organic chemistry, calculus and physics, for example), consider advertising your services.


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