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There are, also, free tools that can help you improve writing skills and avoid plagiarism.

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For example, Turn It In can be used to explain students what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. There are, also, students and teachers who appreciate the detailed feedback Turn It In provides.

This is particularly useful because a vast majority of students find it difficult to differentiate paraphrasing vs. The tool makes it easier for teachers to assess students’ works, while students get a detailed insight that helps them correct their mistakes in future projects.

Although it’s quite practical, the tool does have some shortcomings that come in the form of inability to identify all similar sources and it puts focus onto reaching the certain percentage in the report rather than improving writing skills.

According to educators, the program should be used by both teachers/instructors and students only as additional tool that will help them to their job/assignment more efficiently.

Instructors can then upload files directly, or can grant students access to submit their own files for an originality check.

Turn It In can only be used if your instructor has enabled it: With the transition to Canvas, students will be able to use Turn It In as the plagiarism checking tool.

[grid w=narrow] As much as the internet access made everything easier, it didn’t take long for students to figure out that they can simply copy and paste what they found.

It was only a matter of time when anti-plagiarism software would appear and today, schools and universities use them to discover whether students submitted original work or not.

While in most cases anti-plagiarism tools only flag parts of the text that are similar to other sources, Robot Don focuses on the quality of your work.

[cta id=498] [short_code_type_6] Turn It In is the most popular software for detection of plagiarism in the text.


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