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The United Nations’ help was also sought to distinguish a freedom struggle or right to self-determination from act of terrorism.The similar warfare tactics or guerrilla style of attacks used by the revolutionaries, freedom fighters and terrorists make the task of distinguishing between them both more difficult.In the present era of globalization, even terrorist groups have gone global, with their widespread networks.

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The activities of both the groups are curtailed and whatever is left is insignificant.

However, situations like the seizure of the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Peru, in 1996 motivated Japan to strengthen its information gathering and cooperation building activities to tackle international terrorism.

In 1980s and 1990s religious terrorist groups emerged and multiplied to pose a serious threat not only to US but also to the world community as a whole.

Though the number of terrorist attacks have decreased, their intensity has been quite high in the last decade.

But, terrorist organizations have more than one ambition.

They want to meet not just political ends but also financial and other such gains.

The whole world faces the menace of international terrorism today.

No single country can boast of being immune from international terrorism.

The reason being the stoppage of aid and patronage to such groups that they used to get once from America.

As the Cold War ended and the major threats to the US disappeared, it also started disassociating itself from these groups that were left with no option but to look for other sources of income to support their organizations and carry out their activities.


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