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It is asserted that people may want to get control of holy areas.For example, pope arranged the Crusades to get Jerusalem.But in spite of preachers of love and non- violence, weapons have always been used, military force has always been employed. Poet and prophets have dreamt of a millennium - an utopia in which war will not exist and eternal peace will reign on earth, but these dreams have not been fulfilled.

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Besides, there will always be wide differences of option between various nations, different angle of looking at matters that have an international importance, radical difference in policy and ideology and they cannot be settled by mere discussion so that resort to war becomes very necessary in these cases.

Before the outbreak of World War II, for instance, the spread of communism in Russia created distrust and suspicions in Europe. British conservatism were apprehensive of the possibility of Britain being communized.

In short, the political ideology of one country being abhorrent to another, the state of affairs as certainly not conducive to the continuance of peace.

Adding to all this is the traditional enmity between national and international disharmony that have their root in past history.

Then there are related sorrows and sufferings it causes to those whom it does not kills – the widows, the orphans and mothers rendered children’s. Kennedy stated that, 'Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.' War can be avoided.

Humans must be taught that war is not the solution to all of our problems because it creates loss of confidence, trigger economic Some people claim that causes about religion may lead governments to involve in wars.There are, doubtless, people who consider war as something grand and heroic and regard it as something that brings out the best man.But this does not in any way alter the fact that war is a terrible dreadful calamity and this is especially true of an atomic war.One has only to think of the havoc that was wrought in various countries not many years ago, in order to estimate the destructive effects of war.A particularly disturbing side of modern wars is that they tend to become global so that they may engulf the entire world. A war generally sweeps away the strongest and best men of a country and leaves the aged, the weak and the unfit to carry on the race. In recent great wars, millions of men, women and children were killed, many died of diseases, famines and untold sufferings.This position goes on further argue that some may use wars to spread their religion.It is also asserted that ambition to be the dominant power in the world is may be another reason such as USA. As pointed out in the chart ‘WAR DEATHS per Century’ ,there were 2 million deaths because of war in 1500s,in 1600s,the number of deaths increased to 6 million. From 1700s to 1900s , there was sharp increase in the number of deaths.(1995).No period in world history has been free from the devastating effects of war.We have had wars of all types--- wars lasting for a year or so and a war lasting for hundred years.


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