Essays About Having Pets

With different kind of pet, people have different ways to take care them.

However they should know specifically the best way to protect them from diseases.

” Between them have certain relation, interact and support each other in their life. Each household and each people have various pet’s hobby. They are divided into different categories such as: useful animals and pets in house.

The useful animal helps their owners some jobs, for example: the dog prevents robbery for the house owners by barking at a stranger or the passers-by, People do not like the furniture gnawing of mice. As Hansen said that, when Justin Becker was at the Staten Island’s apartment, a thief tried to break into his apartment.

In fact, we may not be able to imagine life without other animals and many of them have evolved, through our interaction, to depend on us as well.

There are some concerns with this practice though, generally, the problem is not extreme.Animals have been a part of human life for generations and it does not appear to be stopping anytime soon.Granted, technology has changed many of the uses we dedicate towards animals labor, keeping them as pets has not declined but increased over time.This is possibly one of the worse practices to evolve as a result of human interaction with animals and many governments try very hard to curb these activities.Animals deserve to be treated better, it is obvious that they have feelings and this should not be ignored.The cats catch mice in house, it against the infestation of mice in houses. He attempted to against by closing the door but the thief had a gun and maybe shot Becker.At that moment, his dog is Kilo, a 12-year-old pit bull.Hence, owning at least one pet in house will help human spirit stable and healthy, thereby extending the life.In fact, majority of families have pets like dogs, cats and birds.This comes in two groups, patients suffering from chronic disease like heart and cancer conditions are better able to cope with their situation when they have a pet companion.Pets also provide lots of enjoyment and comfort for persons in nursing homes.


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