Essays On Behaviour In The Classroom

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This is because students are more likely to listen to teachers if they feel they can relate to the teachers and that the teachers understand them.

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This article addresses the reasons behind such behaviour and the measures that can be taken to prevent it.

Violent student behaviour can be attributed to a bad family atmosphere, a competitive school environment and lifestyle/dietary habits.

A competitive and comparison-based education structure adds fuel to fire.

The last but less acknowledged factor in violent behaviour is their lifestyle/dietary habits.

Unfortunately, problems created by aggressive student behaviour are on a rise in several countries.

Essays On Behaviour In The Classroom

This essay analyses the various causes and remedial actions that can be taken to prevent it.In order to counter such problem, teachers should be friendly while still maintaining their professionalism.By being friendly, teachers might be able to understand students’ point of views and thus devise the right strategies to connect with them.A student’s behaviour in society depends upon the atmosphere at his/her home.If the parents of student don not devote enough time for him/her, the adolescent mind goes wayward.Although violent student behaviour is a matter of grave concern, there are adequate and simple measures to prevent it.Parents and teachers must devote enough time for the student and understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. A great deal of emphasis must be placed by schools in physical activities like swimming, running and other sports.Secondly, such behaviours might be caused by external influences, such as internet and television.Students, for example, might watch TV shows that use a lot of violence.These help to channelize the great energy of the students in a better manner.Students should also be encouraged to take up activities like gardening and caring for domestic animals.


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