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When making statements regarding an estimate members are required to accurately measure the cost and time in which it will take to produce a design.Misleading development times and costs not only results in damages of a financial sense but also in a loss of quality of the product or design.

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A comprehensive summarization will be provided for each guideline along with examples of how This being the case it is important for the engineer to consider the application to which the design will be used as well as how and to what extent it will be handled.

In the instance that risks and dangers are present they must immediately be brought to the attention of the consumer, and if effected as a whole, the public.

I would advocate for the use of site b, because safety should be the number one priority to companies.

Sometimes companies do not put safety first and there have been dire effects because of this, like unsafe cars or faulty baby swings.

With almost every engineering proposition there is going to good and bad effects accompanying the different paths that can be taken. Johnson's article "the Social and Professional Responsibility of Engineers", Samuel Florman gives the example "Should we risk oil spills and increase our reserves by offshore drilling? This problem is along the same lines as the cell tower problem, should benefits have to be sacrificed in order to ensure the health of humanity?

Johnson argues "We want...engineers committed to the safety and human well- being" [1], if we want to be safe then we should always should put the "site b" over the "site a" whenever possible.Murray said "Gentlemen, we must not let anything interfere with this series of tests, nothing" [2], this clearly shows why we shouldn't p...Ethics is the moral behavior that guides our actions; it motivates us in our personal behavior and is relevant in a business setting as well.Ethical situations can be faced in everyday life, taught throughout life, in educational courses, and the code of the code of ethics can be applied to life now as a student of engineering.As new engineering students and college students we will face many ethical situations. Engineering classes can play a vital role in teaching future engineers the ethics of the profession. The code of ethics for engineers can be applied to my life now as an engineering major, because if an engineering student simplifies the rules it tells them basic ways they should handle different situations in thei... By 1915, every key engineering association in the United States had a code of...Ethics by definition are defined as the accepted rules of conduct.In my opinion ethics are imperative to the structure of a dynamic society.A code of ethics is a set of rules and guidelines that must be adhered to so that someone can be a recognized member of a group or organization.They state how people will act among them selves and how they will act as a member under the code toward the public.Engineers should not be "guns for hire" and always do what would maximize the outcome; they should be looking out for the "good of humanity"[1].Building on site A would be a purely consequence oriented approach, and the ends would definitely not justify the means.


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