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Similarly, other fields such military has their professional ethics in which they uphold the values of loyalty, selfless service as well as dedication when they are undertaking their duties.Ethics go hand-in hand with professionalism, thus incase one is described as unethical such an individual is ultimately described as being unprofessional.For example, following professional ethics and values to the latter may not necessarily guarantee an individual job security alone, but also earn position respect as well as recognition which in itself is fulfilling.

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Professional ethics enhance a form of professionalism in the workplace.

It is through upholding professional ethics and values that integrity in workplace is enhanced.

It is worth noting that, when the management does not uphold ethical practices, the business venture is bound to fail.

When a workplace promotes ethics, then a remarkable sense of self worth as well as trust is enhanced ultimately good performance is reported (Kimmel, 2008).

In order to be successful in a profession, it is paramount that the employees uphold the defined professional ethics as they undertake their tasks.

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A well known fact exists, that when a professional makes the right choices and ethics in a career and follows them consistently, then career success will no doubt prevail (Koehn, 1994).

Upholding professional ethics and values has several benefits.

For example, doctors have professional ethics which they uphold and which enable them to display an element of responsibility.

Some of the values are copied from co-workers who are influential and they have been in the profession for a long duration.

Professional governing bodies establishes a set of ethical values that every affiliate member ought to adhere to.


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