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Barnabas wanted to take a young man named John Mark, but Paul didn’t want to because they had taken John Mark with them before and he quit early.

(See Acts -41.) In other words, Barnabas wanted to give John Mark a second chance.

The implications of the word Think about the weight and significance of this!

When you encourage someone, you are imparting to them the ability to face their challenge, risk, pain, etc. You are infusing their hearts with the courage to move forward. Paul tells us that some of the purposes of prophecy are for people to be strengthened, encouraged and comforted (see 1 Cor. Many times, encouragement takes on a prophetic element as the receiver is challenged to step into the fullness of what God has for them or to not lose heart in their spiritual journey.

God gives encouragers the ability to see when people are weighed down by a burden they were not meant to carry.

They are able to speak truth in a way that brings life and strength to the process of growing in the Lord.

Moving beyond words, Barnabas took action to encourage and help.

People who naturally function as encouragers actually have to be careful about this sometimes.

They so desire to help lift people up that they can try to meet every need they encounter.

But we can all learn from their strength in this area too.


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