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The weak applause and her parents' disappointed looks reveal the unmistakable truth: Jing-mei is not a musical prodigy.As a result, Jing-mei is shocked when her mother expects her to continue practicing. " At the mention of the twin daughters in China that she was forced to abandon years ago, Mrs.

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Because she was never able to have opportunities like her daughter, it was obvious Jing-mei's mother wanted to live her life through her daughter.

She wanted to give a life to Jing-mei that she, as a woman, could never have back in China.

She's not precisely sure where her daughter's talents lie, but she is sure that her daughter possesses great ability — it is simply a matter of finding the right avenue for Jing-mei's talents. Woo tries to mold her daughter into a child actress, but that doesn't work.

Then she tries intellectual tests clipped from popular magazines.

To Jing-mei's mother, America is the Land of Opportunity.

She has high hopes that her daughter will be a great success as a prodigy.

Believing you could be anything in America, Jing-mei's mother hoped for her daughter to become a prodigy.

Being born in America, Jing-mei had a very independent and disobedient type of behavior.

Although she has not practiced and does not know the music, Jing-mei has come to believe that she is indeed a prodigy.

Halfway through the song, though, she begins to realize how badly she is playing.


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