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The editor’s then started to use the newspapers for their own personal gain.

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This is not to say however that the editors of the newspapers wanted a war just for the sake of it.

The newspapers editor’s wanted a war because it would mean that more of the public would want to know what is happening and therefore they would buy more newspapers.

By having large captions that weren’t always truthful they were able to capture the public eye and then changed the public’s view of Spain with picture and captions similar to propaganda against Spain.

Without the hurricane survivors, student protestors, mass shooting victims, and sexual abuse survivors who agreed to speak to reporters, our understanding of some of the most important issues of the day would be murky at best.

I spoke to victims, heroes, witnesses, criminals, voters, experts, and more.

Essays On Yellow Press

All were private citizens rather than politicians, celebrities, PR professionals, or professional journalists.This meant the papers reported the editor’s interpretation of the news and not an objective stand point.This meant that the editors were able to affect the public opinion.The general public had no idea that what they were reading was untrue so they grew angry and started clamoring to go to war with Spain.An example of the newspapers using this tactic was when the New York Journal posted a paper which headlines read: CRISIS AT HAND cabinet in session, growing belief in SPANISH TREACHERY.So the editor’s newspapers had a drastic effect on the public opinion which the led to America going to war.(Yellow Journalism), (The "Yellow Fever" of Journalism)One of the reasons that Yellow Journalism had such a large effect of the public was how it was organized.The picture that had the biggest affect and really pushed America to go to war with Spain was the picture of the Maine gun boat being blown up.However it wasn’t just the picture that set America’s general public off but the caption and who they said was to blame.(The Spanish-American War)Besides the title and front page format Newspapers were able to affect the public opinion in other ways.By having photos that showed terrible scenes such as the concentration camp in Cuba where they held the rebels to control the population were able to generate a lot of bad feelings toward Spain and started to convince America’s public that they should go to war.


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