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Miss the days of scribbling notes in a notebook instead of typing them on your computer?Penultimate is an easy-to-use handwriting app for i Pad, so you’ll get the experience of writing on paper with the flexibility of using a tablet.

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Tamara lives in Sacramento with her husband and enjoys running, gardening, and brewing kombucha.

Karl Dahlfred | When it comes to masters and doctoral work, the key to a successful thesis or dissertation is organizing your data.

Your task lists can be shared with and edited by multiple users, making it also a great tool for group projects. The app allows you to share your documents, videos, photos, and other files with anyone, anywhere.

You can also use it to access your own files while on the go.

You’ll need a stylus, but they’re very affordable This is an excellent tool for prioritizing your assignments and keeping track of your schedule.

Writing A Good Thesis Paper - Evernote Research Paper

i Studiez can sync with your calendar, alert you when an assignment is almost due, and help you visualize your week—which is great if you tend to over-commit. This app lets you organize all of your tasks into one place, set priority levels for each, and break down your long-term assignments into more manageable parts.

The Scannable app is designed by Evernote and when you photograph a page with it, the app will automatically sense the edges of the page, crop the photo, and flatten out the photo into a two-dimensional scan like a book page.

If the app fails to accurately detect the edge of the page, you can easily manually crop it.

Everyone needs to find what works for them, but in this post I want to briefly explain how I use Evernote to gather and organize research data from books, articles, and websites so that I’ll be able to readily find and use that information later.

One Notebook for One Book For most non-primary source research, I read a lot of books and articles, as most people do.


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