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In these cases, the responses are not aggregated for analysis.

One key aspect of surveying is how to maximise response rates among the population.

There is a universe of specialised tips and techniques per approach, but some broad general tips to increase the likelihood of those contacted actually responding include: Source:“Survey Research”, Web Center for Social Research Options.

I checked online dictionaries and Wikipedia to see what they had to say about questionnaires and surveys.

Unfortunately, their definition adds to the confusion. a set of questions for obtaining statistically useful or personal information from individuals 2.

Back in the day (before internet), completing a questionnaire was a matter of filling out a paper form. If the data was going to be used for research, the data was manually manipulated so that it could be summarized. Online survey tools have combined the process of gathering and analyzing the data.

A single tool now does both, making it quick, easy, and affordable.

More specifically, questions can take one of several forms: Conducting a survey itself is a serious undertaking, one which demands careful preparation across three general stages: preparation and question design; administration of the survey, and analysis of results.

(See below, ‘for those thinking about/using this option’ for more detailed advice.) Staff will need to be carefully trained and prepared for the task, and all relevant administrative and logistical preparations should be well-sorted before the survey’s start.

(Each answer includes directions in the third column for proceeding to the next question.) Source: UNICEF.

(2010) “Household Questionnaire”, Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey/MICS4.


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