Extrasensory Perception Essays

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Among the other paranormal phenomenon claimed possible by ESP supporters are the ability to perform psychic healings, to make predictions based on the stars, to have out-of-body experiences and the ability to communicate with the dead.

There is also psychokinesis where a person’s body can be occupied by the soul of dead person.

The repeated flashing stimulates the potential or prospective buyers to unconsciously absorb the message. In order to survive, organisms must have difference thresholds low enough to detect minute changes in important stimuli.

If the message in a TV advertisement during commercial break, is to eat pizza ..middle of the document... Extrasensory Perception is studied by parapsychologists for psychological phenomena that are currently inexplicable by science.

Others claim the ability to manipulate objects in the environment such as bending a spoon, opening a door, without physically performing the action (Kaplan, 2003). He is noted to be the most important individual with respect to developments in the field and the application of scientific processes to test the existence of ESP (Kaplan, 2003).

Parapsychology, the field to which studies into paranormal phenomena such as ESP belongs, began developing as a serious field of enquiry in the 1930s under the influence of parapsychologists such as J. Due to questions about the veracity of claims for the existence of ESP, experts in the field as well as other independent researchers have sought to establish the truth of ESP’s claim by devising and experimenting with various procedures.

The receiver is asked to express personal thoughts for a minute while the sender, who is able to hear the receiver and not vice versa, tries to influence the receivers to imagine a scene similar to what he is viewer on a picture in an isolated room (Carpenter, 1999).

Another method is the forced choice where participants have to guest what a particular number is or what shape is on the back of a card.

They try to answer the question “Is there perception without sensation?

” ESP (extrasensory perception) is the controversial claim that perception can occur apart from sensory input. - Telekinesis or psychokinesis: moving remote objects through mental processes.


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