Eyfs Creativity And Critical Thinking Card

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Communication is an important aspect of the thinking process, and the more open ended discussions practitioners have with children, the more they can help them talk about the connections they are making, and as a result children understand their own thinking better.• Planning, making decisions about how to approach a task, solve a problem and reach a goal • Checking how well their activities are going • Changing strategy as needed • Reviewing how well the approach worked This is when children make choices and decisions in an organised way when undertaking new goal-directed activities or tasks.Amanda started sprinkling sand over the twigs and said . Her experience and work include developing management and staff practice in working with children, creation and delivery of early years curriculum for children, staff management, building links with parents and working closely with external agencies such as Of STED, Sure Start, local authorities, schools and FE colleges.

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This course examines one of the EYFS key characteristics of early learning.

It considers the differences between creative and critical thinking and explores what provokes children to think in these different ways.

This is through perceiving patterns, inventing ideas, making connections, and developing concepts, which in turn allows children to develop knowledge about when and how to use particular strategies for learning or problem solving.

Becoming more aware of one's own thinking in this way is known as Whitebread and Pasternak (2010) advocate that awareness of oneself as a thinker and learner is a key aspect of success in learning.

Creating and thinking critically can therefore be summed up as being about .

• Thinking of ideas • Finding ways to solve problems • Finding new ways to do things This is when children use their imagination and creativity to take on challenges and explore how problems could be solved and how their ideas can be implemented.

Here thinking becomes more conscious as concepts are developed and connected together.

However, Hutchin (2013, p.17) states that communication is an important aspect of this part of the Co EL.

Children link and develop concepts to different activities – making connections.

It is also how children develop an understanding of sequences, cause and effect and how they build on these thoughts through description and scientific thoughts.


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