Faith Community Hospital Essay

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These are the main reasons: Using your skills to help others.

Nurses often have specialized skills and knowledge that can benefit a wide array of people. If you lose your job or are just starting out as a nurse, what better way to improve your resume than serving others?

Teresita Barcelo the president of Philippine Nurses Association.

Some of the hospital here in the Philippines accept this of collecting payments from the new RN`s provision of experiences and training that doesn`t have the complete knowledge for the profession.

With the decrease of patient, that translates to the decrease of revenue for the hospital that affects the hospitals budget.

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Compare to the prior year the hospital lost 7% of the patient population.

If you are a new nurse, a volunteer opportunity offers the "experience" that hiring personnel are looking for. I can think of no better feeling of satisfaction than helping others each day.

To make a positive impact on the community as a whole, To demonstrate to your children the importance of giving to others.

Some of the tough decisions would be to reduce the hospital's headcount.

Nucum TFN 1NU03 Sir Dela Cruz “ The Role of Volunteer Nurses in the present Philippine health care situation” First question is why do nurses volunteer?


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