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Again referring to the cornerstones at the beginning of this article, I think the balance of a writer’s life should favor reading above all, but writers will find their own blend, and that seems great. Future Learn from The Open University offers a class, Start Writing Fiction, free for ten weeks or for unlimited access.With a traditional distance learning approach, students at Future Learn will enjoy learning fiction in an academic environment.

Fox describes why viewers love names like Walter White (if you guessed alliteration, you’re correct), as well as why everyone hates to love Ignatius Reilly.

If you’ve ever wondered how writers like Suzanne Collins managed to coin names like Katniss and Peeta, or how J. Rowling landed on names like Draco Malfoy or Severus Snape, Fox has an answer.

In addition to the four cornerstones of every writer’s journey several supplemental resources can enhance writers’ enjoyment, deepen their experience and provide valuable bridges of learning to eliminate years of trial-and-error.

Classes range from 2-5 hours with lessons 5-25 minutes or more in length.

During his segment on character dialogue, Fox encourages writers to maximize the value of character speech.

His writing lesson for the segment encouraged writers to revisit a story or novel they had written and revise the first lines of dialogue spoken by the main character. Space and brevity don’t permit me to carry on, but I assure you, I continue to revise my novel based on John Matthew Fox’s Triangle Method of Character Creation, and the outcome of my work will be better for it. DIY MFA is a free resource to the creative writing community.

As a writer, I have been inspired by Beaubien’s videos to revise old works and embark on new works with less self-conscious fear.

And it doesn’t hurt that Beaubien is heart-on-his-sleeve self-conscious and cuttingly smart.

As I researched Lit Reactor, I enjoyed browsing the expansive resources offered and found myself drawn into the community atmosphere. Beaubien created Terrible Writing Advice as a marketing tool for his Aeon Novel Series and the resulting video series turned into an unexpected success of script writing, writers’ advice, criticism, and I dare say, catharsis—for viewer and creator.

One of the most compelling aspects of the site is its story feedback system. Think of Terrible Writing Advice as a college lecture course.


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