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For example, see how long students are spending on homework, see their strengths and weaknesses and drill down from subject level down to topics and even subtopics to really enable you to see We have created over 1,000 multiple choice questions to test every piece of Key Knowledge.As students’ progress through the curriculum these will help you build up a picture as to the strengths and weaknesses.From this you can create your own invention tasks and let our system assign these to each student based upon the results they entered, and all at the click of a button.

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Homework Books for all titles should be available early November.

Our study guides break down topics into smaller sections, making it easier for you to learn the facts and really get your head around the subject.

Our site will enable you to analyse your department’s areas of strengths & areas for development.

You can analyse by year group, class or individual student how they are getting on with a variety of different options.

Finally, you can try all of this free for 3 months**…. Get started by signing up here.*Videos are kindly provided by uk**For a limited number of schools and for a limited period of time the content.

The aim of this is to support students learning but also to try and free up teachers time in class allowing more time for ‘deeper’ learning and application of knowledge rather than ploughing through the vast content present in the new science GCSE.These can be drilled down form year group level right down to a specific student.All of these questions are marked automatically and provide students with the solutions if they do go wrong so that they can see where they are going wrong.Find an essay now Want to know how to write an essay?Our guide has been created by teachers with years of experience in helping students write essays that get the grades.Analyse each task or progress over time by year group, class or individual student.For example, see their strengths and weaknesses against our science content tree which you can drill down from subject level down to topics and into subtopics.Online Formative Assessment for Science Homework and Classwork. Great for tracking progress over time and interleaving. Track & analyse progress by subject, topic or subtopic.Results Grid Upload assessment/exam results taken in class so that the data is stored against our content tree, enabling you to track & analysis progress over the years.Most exams will now also be taken at the end of a two-year course, removing the module system that was previously in place for some subjects. However, whilst your child might well think that GCSEs are ‘far too hard now’ and they’re ‘never gonna be able to do them’ – it’s important that we reassure them that GCSEs may well have changed, but they are still there to do the same job that they have done.Also, in many subjects there have been some changes to the content that they study, and students will be required to answer more essay-style questions too. That is, to assess how well you have got to grips with a particular subject!


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