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It’s totally free to get an account with Contena to start seeing how it can kickstart your writing career.This is a website focused on the most fascinating and rare gems of knowledge.Read through submission guidelines to see if the literary markets you’re targeting will pay to publish your work. Poets can make money by submitting their work to greeting card companies.

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And—of course—have copies of your story or poetry collection ready to sell. While fewer and fewer online outlets seem to be actually paying their writers for commentary and opinion pieces, there may be a market for you if you’ve got a quirky perspective and voice.

Consider pitching a commentary column to your local newspaper about regional life. And Remember: Making Money On Your Writing Doesn’t Always Happen Immediately Publishing your writing in traditional literary journals probably won’t result in your needing to fill out a 1099 tax form at year’s end, but you might be surprised by the incredible things that can happen to you if you publish in a literary journal.

The competition is stiff, but having your post published at Listverse is one of the quickest ways to get paid to blog.

If you can write quality articles associated to design and programming, then you should definitely submit them at Instant Shift.

While most don’t have the budget to pay writers, there are a number of literary journals and magazines that are able to pay writers for poetry, short stories, and personal essays.

However, it will take time and lots of research to find them.

Your short story that didn’t earn a dime could attract the notice of a literary agent who wants to represent you and sell your full-length short story collection for thousands of dollars.

(Believe it or not, success stories like this happen all the time: Here are just a few of the incredible true stories of things that happened to our clients after publishing in a lit mag.) So don’t shortchange yourself: Failure to make money now doesn’t mean you won’t make money with your writing later on.

And just like every published author, be prepared to market your book and work to boost sales. If your reputation as a writer is strong enough that audiences are excited to hear you read and speak, then you might be able to garner speaker’s fees from local organizations.

Consider connecting with a local publicist to help you book paying gigs.


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