Goal Of Life Essay

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Greg Studen, Novelty, Ohio A problem with this question is that it is not clear what sort of answer is being looked for.

One common rephrasing is “What is it that makes life worth living? There are any number of subjective answers to this question.

” Again we all have our own subjective purposes but some would like to think there is a higher purpose provided for us, perhaps by a creator.

It is a matter of debate whether this would make life a thing of greater value or turn us into the equivalent of rats in a laboratory experiment.

In this case the meaning of your journey through the landscape is external to the experience of the landscape itself.

On the other hand, you may be intensely interested in what the landscape holds.

An interesting way to contrast the internal and external views is to imagine walking through a beautiful landscape.

Your purpose in walking may be just to get somewhere else – you may think there’s a better place off in the distance.

Besides, if nothing is absolute, but things have value only relative to other things, how do we get a consensus on the best or the worst?

What makes your social mores superior to mine – and why should I not seek to destroy your way?


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