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I just don't think they should be compared anyway because they are both works in their own right (although the books are way better than Tim Burton's movie, IMO, as the movie was more simplistic than the books).

I just don't think they should be compared anyway because they are both works in their own right (although the books are way better than Tim Burton's movie, IMO, as the movie was more simplistic than the books).

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I guess you could point out all the changes they made to the world and characters in the movie. The books are Victorian, while Tim Burton depicts it as a medieval, Tolkienesque world.

It might be easier to compare the book with another film adaptation. The books have many themes, such as identity and time. The biggest difference is that the books are good and the film is rubbish.

The story is a bit different, but the battle scene at the end just made it feel like it was trying to be something it obviously wasn't.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Narnia books and films. You can't really compare it to the book anyway as its meant to be a sequel in that respect.

thaaaan yoou If you're comparing the books with Mr Burton's "adaptation", then it's good to mention that it deviates highly from the source material and has an actual plot (although not a very original one) whereas the whole attraction of the books is the fact that they relatively plotless and free from literary conventions.

i still havent decided yet my research question, so i would appreciate any sugestion about my idea.

V Trope Wiki site names these tropes, compare the American Mc Gee computer game with the above... Wonderland Also point out that the film's story is a big fat rip off of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in which Alice has to defeat the big bad villain in a big bad battle at the end with a magical sword to fulfill an ancient prophecy. There's a prophecy (two, in fact: one of Aslan's return and one about the Pevensies becoming kings and queens, neither of which mention killing anything), and a minor villain gets killed by a non-magical sword, but that's as close as that description gets.

If you want to look at the many tropes mentioned above, including those in in Burton's adaptation, this is the link to T. Unless it's something that happens in the film but not the book...

I have actually written about this in my blog, if you'd care to read it.

Comparing any movie to it's respective novel is a heavy order, more so in this case as there have been more movie adaptations for Alice in Wonderland than any other novel-to-movie adaptation of anything in the history of Hollywood.


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