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Picture it: crickets chirp, birds sing, and thunder rolls in the background while you pound out 1,000 words on the French Revolution.

Words flow like milk and honey from your fingertips, and you finish up your piece with enough time left over to binge watch a few eppys of your favorite show before heading off to bed. Although not exactly music per se, white noise can put an end to the monotony of quietness, which can, ironically be a big distraction.

All guys, who will have the similar issue are welcome to It's a website with study playlists, where you will be able to find a playlist according to your prefs.

If you’re like most students, writing can be frustrating, especially if you’re tense, stressed, or facing a looming due date for an important essay.

A great idea in a distracted environment is worthless to me.

But even a sorry idea can become a great piece if I can only find that zen-like focus that draws the words right out of me.

Recommendation: Intense – Armin van Buuren.· Classical Music: One should never underestimate the power of classic music which is harmonious and peaceful.

It creates a calm and serene mood in which you can quickly focus and work on a successful essay.

Some are subscription-based, some are free with a few ads, but all will get the job done. but if it was good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!

I’ve broken things down into genre as well, so browse around, click a link, block out the rest of the world, and get to work. Pandora Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music You Tube It’s like getting sucked up into a Fourth Dimension and then finding out there’s some higher reality whose sole desire is for you to sit in front of a screen and type. Pandora Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music You Tube This is my go-to genre when I’m ready to plow through and get some major writing done.


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