Good Managers Are Born Not Made Essay

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Manager can be defined as a person who control resources to achieve a specific task (Ibrahim and Cordes, 1996).There is another word which could be confusing with manager - leader.This is really good news because anyone who wishes to become one, is willing to put in what it takes, can become a good leader or manager.

As a result, your mindset can affect a lot of things including your destiny and success.

According to Dweck, we could have one of two mindsets.

Those with a growth mindset believe people can improve their intelligence with effort and grow.

For a large part, what we think about the human potential and what we know about the human brain lies at the bottom of our beliefs.

Those who believe in inborn talent have a fixed mindset.

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They believe people are born with a certain level if intelligence (IQ) and that it cannot be developed further.I also did not know that we could change our personalities if we try.But now I know better, thanks to a lot of research that has gone into not just brain science (neuroscience) but also into developmental and social psychology and learning.Managers are one of the most essential parts of every company.Certainly, every company should have at least one manager.Combining the two answers, the conclusion for the main question would become clear. One point to keep in mind, more facets needed to be considered.The future researches may discover some new information which may affect this answer.These two words sometimes seem to be used interchangeably although their meaning are totally different.Moving on to the major key word, good managers are defined as managers who not only equipped with managerial skills, but also leadership (Ibrahim and Cordes, 1996).Even a sole trader has one which is obviously the owner’s self.Without managers, the companies cannot possibly achieve any tasks and will most likely collapse eventually. This question is heavily controversial and has been debated for decades.


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