Graduate Degree Application Essay

Graduate Degree Application Essay-16
All the parts should work together to create an entire picture of you as an applicant.That means a few things: Everything you’re applying for is looking for something slightly different—even though they may all be looking for YOU!

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Spending my early years in my family’s native Lebanon gave me a sense of history and permanence on this earth that seemed very at odds with the new life we started when my family moved to New Mexico when I was ___ years old.

Life in Lebanon is, on the surface, much like it was hundreds of years ago, and if you were to take a picture of our street there and its inhabitants, I have no doubt with the exception of the particulars of people’s faces it would look much the same as a painting from long ago...

I love working with you guys as you reframe your life experiences into a narrative about how you’ve ended up at the decision to become a mental health professional!

While the process is VERY unique to every individual, I’ve noticed some themes that keep coming up.

I know many people fear and loath taxes, and are frightened and put off by the complex laws that govern their applications, but I am just the opposite; they fascinate me...

I have been doing a ton of essay editing and coaching lately, which I have really enjoyed.

A year and a half ago my cousin and good friend died suddenly.

I was so sad thinking about all the experiences in life that she will miss by being taken at such a young age, and what a loss this was for the entire community to never know what good she could have accomplished, if given time...

I was hired as a researcher and, given my long standing interest in the medical field, was assigned several M&A projects researching that industry, and this subsequently became something of my field of expertise...

Growing up under a communist regime is not the most auspicious beginning for a budding artist, but I have found that if one’s innate talents can flourish in this most austere of environments, then just imagine what it can accomplish in more fertile ground.


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