Graffiti Is Not Art Essay

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- The majority of people if asked, would not be able make any distinction between street art and graffiti art.

Though in reality they are actually quite different; Graffiti writing and street art are often confused with one another.

[tags: Art, Graffiti, Ancient Rome, Modernism] - “There is always hope,” stands on the gray background of the concrete of the famous Banksy graffiti art.

The art chosen is made of spray paint and stencil, on a concrete background.

She also informs the audience of Banksy’s overall attitude and the typical materials used for his street artwork.

Banksy is explained to be a controversial street artist who hides in the shadows in order to avoid the consequences of fame....On the other hand, street artists just want to catch the attention of the general public by making a statement with their art.... These very questions plague society as it tries to decide and define the official status of graffiti--art or vandalism.[tags: Street art, Graffiti, Art, Banksy] - Art: the ultimate form of self expression. Because it has found its way into art galleries and because of the community of artists who challenge and inspire each other, graffiti should be considered art and as a way to express oneself.The origin and history of graffiti is not what one might expect.Believed to have been created by a Philadelphia high school student named Cornbread in 1967, it was a bold effort to catch the attention of a girl (De Melker)....They both display their work out in the open instead of in a gallery.Though, graffiti artists display their work publicly, they are really only concerned with relating to other graffiti artists; rather than the general public.The image is a black and white portrait of a little girl, wind blowing through her hair and dress, holding out her arm towards a red, heart-shaped balloon.On the side of the image is the statement written in what appears to be the dirt and soot on the wall, “There is always hope.” The artwork stands out on the inner-city concrete walls, with the bold of the black and white image of the little girl and the brightness of the red balloon, certainly catching to the eye of parents and children in these inner-cities t...[tags: Lauren Collins, Street Art, Graffiti] - Is Graffiti Art.Graffiti has loomed between the borders of true art, mindless trash and a way of solely getting your name around.


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