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He basically did nothing and hoped the economy would recover on its own.One way FDR was able to quickly move the government was by getting rid of many ultraconservative Supreme Court justices.The post-Depression economy featured rapid productivity growth, whereas today's economy is plagued by low productivity growth.

He basically did nothing and hoped the economy would recover on its own.One way FDR was able to quickly move the government was by getting rid of many ultraconservative Supreme Court justices.

I also argue that returning today's economy to trend may be considerably more challenging.

Acknowledgments Machine-readable bibliographic record - MARC, RIS, Bib Te X Document Object Identifier (DOI): 10.3386/w22239 Published: Lee E. "The Great Recession in the Shadow of the Great Depression: A Review Essay on , by Barry Eichengreen," Journal of Economic Literature, vol 55(4), pages 1583-1601.

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The Great Depression on October 29, 1929 took everyone by surprise.

I assess the book's arguments regarding the causes and consequences of these episodes from a neoclassical perspective.

I provide an alternative framework for analyzing these episodes, and argue that a key difference between the 1930s and today reflects the factors that continued to depress both economies after their respective troughs.

FDR, a socialistic president, and Hoover, a hands-off president, were very different politically.

FDR took control of the government and actually did many illegal but necessary things.

The Tennessee Valley Authority was one example of FDR's attempts to recover from the Depression.

Hoover had rejected giving government aid to the building of the damn in Tennessee because he thought it was too socialistic.


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