Guidelines On Writing A Research Proposal

Guidelines On Writing A Research Proposal-83
Getting started Start by choosing a topic or issue related to your course.A broader topic / issue will need to be narrowed down to a more specific focus that can be explored or investigated.

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A proposal is usually submitted before you undertake research for a final dissertation during postgraduate study, and before or during doctoral studies.

A proposal may also be submitted as part of an application for a funding grant.

The context and background of the research topic / issue, as well as the rationale for undertaking the research, should be outlined in the introduction section.

Reference to key literature should be included to strengthen the rationale for conducting the research.

Departmental guidelines for referencing should be followed for in-text citations and the reference list.

A key part of your application is your research proposal.

It is important to follow specific guidance given by your department or funding body when writing your own research proposal for a dissertation or Ph D application, but the following can be used as general guidance.

An initial idea of the title should be given - this is likely to be revised as the research progresses and can therefore be a tentative suggestion at the proposal stage.

This should expand on the key literature referred to in the introduction.

The review of the literature will need to go further than listing individual studies or theories.


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