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Kurtz was first introduced to us as "a first-class agent" (Heart of Darkness, 29) and "a very remarkable person"(29) by the chief accountant.He was shown to be a painter and a poet with "moral ideals" (51) that ruled his life.For instance, in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, the character of Mammy as a signifier is unimportant when compared to the idea of slavery and the stereotype of the subservient black slave, which is the signifier (Mitchell).

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The man we meet deep in the Congo isn't the same man. "He [Kurtz] hated all this, and somehow he couldn't get away." (95) Kurtz had two opposing sensibilities.

The one said that he should leave and return to civilization and his fiancée while escaping the sickness that seemed to pervade that jungle for all Europeans. It was a growl for absolute power over the lives of the natives and also the material want for more ivory. Even at the end of his life when he has been carried onto the ship and is happy to leave, he tries to break away from this decision and return to the jungle.

The novel reflects the presence of colonists in colony that is in Africa.

Conrad wrote this novel in 1890s during the time when European placed the darkest sites of the world under their control.

The quest that Marlow undertakes is to rescue the European lost in Congo, Kurtz.

This separates the African from the European and divides them into two camps or binaries. Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" Rhetoric of Enigma Heart of Darkness by Conrad Joseph is a novel that explores colonial imperialism in parts of the world.

On the face of it, the modernists were quite radical in their views and saw themselves to be located outside the politics of their times even though their writings were heavily influenced by it.

Conrad’s novel claims to be anti-imperialist (Hawkins, 286); however, it has several racist stereotypes that are used for the purpose of description of Africans that Marlow encounters on his way to meet Kurtz.

Apart from this, the techniques of writing that are employed in the novel make it similar to the ones that were employed by writers such as James Joyce and Virginia Woolf.

His writing is also quite different in style and thematic content from the works of the fin-de-siecle writers like Oscar Wilde and Charles Baudelaire.


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