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This, of course, leads to not enough revenue to stay open for business.If you start a home care business in a highly competitive region, you may find it difficult to beat out the competition without your own unique selling point.We just got a note and a copy of an article from our friend and colleague, Ginny Kenyon about why new home care companies fail. While you may not be a new start up, check these six things to see if they apply to you. 6 Reasons Why You’ll Fail by Ginny Kenyon Starting a business is risky, in any industry.

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When start a home care business, you should extensively research your demographics, the demand in your area, and an analysis of your competitors.

Startups that open in areas that are not in high demand won’t have enough clients to support their business.

So before you ever even think about opening a new agency, think about what makes you different, what makes you better, what makes your services superior to your local competitors. No Business Plan Every business, regardless of industry, needs a business plan.

Business plans are not just for securing financing; they are guides that tell you where your business should be in a year, five years, and even ten years in the future.

Without sufficient financial resources, your home care agency cannot properly staff and equip your organization.

Most agencies simply do not realize how much money they need to get started, which is as follows: If you don’t have the appropriate type of financial reserve, you obviously want to seek out and secure financing or wait until you have adequate resources to start your home care business. Lack of Due Diligence A lot of home care startups fail because of their lack of due diligence.

An agency can ensure it establishes and maintains a stellar reputation by hiring only the best most qualified caregivers.

Identifying top-tier candidates, however, can be a challenge.

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