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Try to think of the classes you are creating as a real objects and create methods representing the behaviour that objects really have.The sooner you'll start to do that the better for you.Furthermore, a table and chart of the different possible final exam grades and their corresponding overall course grades are also generated, all automatically.

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Use pencil and paper for your assignments, not keeping track of your grades.

Our calculator will save your progress and you can revisit it at any time to continue adding more assessments, scores or classes.

" Let us represent the above table as an algebraic expression using h, q, and e to represent the categories: homework, quiz/test, and exam respectively.

This is done as follows: h*the weight of h q*the weight of q e*the weight of e = final grade.

It can be achieved like that: public Grade Calculator() //constructor private void get Mark() //prompts user for mark private void get Max Mark() //prompts user for max mark private void get Weighting() //prompts user for weighting factor private void calculate Final Result() // calculates the final result private void print Result() // prints the result.

And that I would call creating a calculator using methods - and that I would grade highly.

I don't want any full answers because I would like to try and do it best on my own and not plagiarise. (Also pls be nice because I am new to programming and I'm not very good) Thanks! Whereas, the method needs to be called with parameters. It may not be needed and you may achieve your goal not using it, but it's not a good practice.

So use this method as well - this way, you'll create actual Calculator object.

You may get 10/10 points on your homework, and 10/10 points on a quiz, but the quiz might be worth more relative to your overall class grade.

If that sounds complicated but you're interested in learning more have a look at our guide on How to Calculate Grades, it's chock full of everything you need to know, and then some.


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