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But today’s cutting-edge tech platforms make it possible to create a legally binding will without working one-on-one with an attorney.

But today’s cutting-edge tech platforms make it possible to create a legally binding will without working one-on-one with an attorney.

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If you’re still growing your family, you likely want to update it when you have another child.

You also may need to update your will if someone named in the document passes away or if you buy property or inherit assets.

In addition, a will that names guardianship for your children can ensure that they’re taken care of by the people you think would be the best fit—not by people appointed through the court.

If you have a very high net worth or have specific concerns related to guardianship—say, you’re the parent of a special-needs child or are already the guardian of a minor or someone who can’t look after him or herself—working with an attorney may make sense.

Probably the most pressing question is who you would want taking care of your children if both of you were to die.

Deciding on a guardian can be an emotional conversation, and while you don’t need the guardian’s permission or approval to name them in the documents, it’s a smart idea to ask them. No matter how silly or minor, naming beneficiaries for assets can eliminate pain, confusion and grief.Remember, there are no right answers, but mulling over these what-ifs now can ensure that your wishes would be followed.This conversation is also a good one to have with your healthcare proxy; even if it’s written down, talking through it now can give you the time to share your thoughts and wishes in a more nuanced way than is possible on paper.No matter what you choose (best practices may depend on the type of will service you use), it’s important to let family members know that one exists and where and how to access it.It also may be a good time to ask them if they’ve made a will of their own.Your wills may be exactly the same, but even if you have the same wishes, it’s smart to create separate wills.If one of you were to die, it can be a legal challenge to change anything stipulated in the joint will.The conversations and thought processes surrounding making a will are the hard part.Now comes the easy part: Creating a legally binding will.Once you’ve made a will, pay close attention to how it becomes binding, especially if you use a digital service.Some services, like Willing, offer an e-signing option, where the will can be notarized and signed entirely online. ) Otherwise, you may need to print it out and sign it in front of a notary. Some families like to keep a hard copy in a safety deposit box, while others store it digitally.


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