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You need to think for yourself and come up with a ‘bright idea’ to write a good history essay.You can of course follow the herd and repeat the interpretation given in your textbook. First, what is to distinguish your work from that of everybody else? But even here, you should take time out to do some thinking.

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Eventually you will almost certainly become confused.

Don’t worry: confusion is often a necessary stage in the achievement of clarity. When you return to the question, it may be that the problems have resolved themselves. You may well find that decent ideas simply pop into your conscious mind at unexpected times.

Take your time, look carefully at the wording of the question, and be certain in your own mind that you have thoroughly understood all its terms.

If, for instance, you are asked why Hitler came to power, you must define what this process of coming to power consisted of.

We will be focusing on informal essays which are more personal and often have humorous elements.

Get 500 Essay Topics and Ideas for College and School Students here. It is a creative process so it should not be confined within boundaries.In other words, you have to think very carefully about the question you are asked to answer.Be certain to avoid the besetting sin of those weaker students who, fatally, answer the question the examiners should have set – but unfortunately didn’t.Make sure you complete your essays with the conclusion, leave no hanging threads. Ans: The thesis statement is a clear, one-sentence explanation of your position that leaves no doubt in the readers’ mind about which side you are on from the beginning of your essay.First of all we ought to ask, What constitutes a good history essay?Is there any specific event that marks his achievement of power?If you immediately seize on his appointment as Chancellor, think carefully and ask yourself what actual powers this position conferred on him.Did you know the word ‘essay’ is derived from a Latin word ‘exagium’, which roughly translates to presenting one’s case?So essays are a short piece of writing representing one’s side of the argument or one’s experiences, stories, etc. So let us learn about types of essays, format, and tips for essay-writing.Witnesses in court promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.All history students should swear a similar oath: to answer the question, the whole question and nothing but the question. You can write brilliantly and argue a case with a wealth of convincing evidence, but if you are not being relevant then you might as well be tinkling a cymbal.


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