How To Conclude A Literature Review Example

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If you still have questions after reading our sample review, don't hesitate to contact our academic editors.The Reign of Terror, which occurred between 17, was the most brutal phase of the French Revolution.Once you learn how to write a literature review, it's quite easy to put your ideas onto the page.

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Make comparisons between several materials by making a preset list of questions and subjecting each material to it.

Find and once again analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, experiment with all the ways until you find one most useful for your thesis statement.

Finally, it is time to compose your literature review.

Fife's characterization of Robespierre is pertinent to my thesis, since it describes his political machinations in detail.

Commentary: In this part of our literature review template, we introduce the first source and briefly discuss its content.You might also want to try to minimize the appearance of quotations, and instead narrate a point of a material with your own words.Remember as well to keep each parts of the review coherent, and relevant to each other, as it helps readers relate from one part to another. After you’re done in overall, remember to revise (as with any writing projects).The following literature review template provides a basic outline of the sections that you should include in your review.Keep in mind that you'll need to add transitions between paragraphs and more detail about the content of each source.Commentary: We begin our literature review template with an introduction.It's here that we provide basic details about the topic and include information about the scope of our project.This will ultimately help you get a first picture of what books (or other literary works) to look for, and significantly reduce the time you need to work on the project.Finding and specifying your topic will lead you to creating a thesis statement.At this point hopefully you have already understood the importance of citing the material’s identity, such as author, year of print, etc.When the time comes to analyze your gathered materials (they, especially their contents have to be analyzed in a literature review), do it objectively, and find the essence of the author’s argument and its supporting elements.


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