How To Write An Academic Review Paper

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In addition to content and organization, writers of research papers should also be aware of grammar and style issues that directly affect the readability and strength of their printed work.

A strong introduction will encourage readers to read your entire research paper and help get your work published in scientific journals.

This stage can be further broken down into three basic steps: writing your thesis, constructing an outline, and incorporating your research.

Your thesis and outline may grow and change as you write, but these should still give your paper a sense of purpose and order.

Start by gaining a general familiarity with your topic.

Find simple summaries and make sure enough depth exists to warrant your continued research. Once you’ve picked a topic and surveyed it, take a deeper dive.

— Get familiar with the subject by finding relevant sources, skimming them, recording their main arguments and key quotes, recording your unprocessed thoughts on the subject, and noting the primary evidence and objections.

Following this preliminary review, determine the sources that most warrant your attention and explore them in depth.

Research writing can be a challenge, but with a little practice and a bit of patience, it can become an important part of your academic and professional arsenal. ) If we break the process into three broad stages, the research portion should occupy the majority of your time.

The most important part of a research paper is the research. Gaining a strong command of your subject matter allows you to organize, write, and proofread more effectively.


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